About us

Hebi city hengda biotechnology co., LTD is a professional engaged in the study of biological products of green environmental protection、Development、Sales for the integration of the driven enterprises,Since the company2009Years since,Relying on the domestic famous microbiology、Dr Strains, and research laboratories,To develop agricultural strains、Environmental strains、Strains of care and other products as the core,Main business has been covered wastes、Organic fertilizer、The ecological farming、Ecological environmental protection and other fields。 

Hebi hengda to biological technology co., LTD“Seeking truth from facts,Strive for perfection”The aim of the,To innovation as the soul,Constantly research and development of security、Efficient、Reliable microbial products and application technology,Efforts for clients to create long-term、The value of continuous growth,For public health and strong power industry sustainable development,For the general customers the consistent high praise,Should the market development gaining needed,2013Was formally established in hebi hengda biotechnology co., LTD,Companies rely on excellent technology development strength and the technical level,To create the perfect strains of research and development system,Now has a professional industry research center、Micro ecology laboratory。 

Company's products include organic starter cultures、Straw rotten agent、Special bacteria agent of animal manure、Organic fertilizer special strains of rotten、The biological fertilizer special strains of rotten、Organic fertilizer special species and a series of green environmental protection product,To at present“Low input、High returns、The cycle is short”As the goal,Is not perfect to improve product performance and effect,Research and development is more suitable for the market demand of products,Meet the needs of customers,To achieve high quality、Efficient environmental protection fermentation product。 

Hebi hengda biological technology co., LTD. According to the years of accumulated experience and market demand,Can provide the following technical services free of charge:

1、Organic fertilizer production technology,Straw rotten technology,Poultry and animal feces and other agricultural waste production using organic fertilizer

2、Biological deodorization technology

3、Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria、Releasing from bacteria、The application of the fertilizer type microbial species such as resistance to continuous cropping actinomycetes technology。

4、Straw and other agricultural waste biological feed fermentation production technology,Aquatic product feed fermentation technology,Probiotics、Health care application technology。

5、Beauveria bassiana、Dan zi proposed penicillium、Hartz trichoderma viride、BtSuch as application technology;Root knot nematodes biological control technology。

6、The original ecological fermentation bed breeding technology,Yeast、Bacillus subtilis、A bacterium, etc in the plant、Breeding、Aquatic product application technology。

7、Photosynthetic bacteria production and application technology。

8、Nitrogen and phosphorus microbes in the application of aquaculture water body purification technology。

9、Organic fertilizer production equipment。

 Hengda advantage:

  1、Professional aspects:Professional technology and equipment,Professional and technical personnel,The specialized technical personnel team


2、Products:The cycle is short、Good fermentation、Heat up quickly、High yield and high

  3、Services:Technical guidance、Free trial

  4、Team:In order to“Unity”As the core,In order to“The fear of the customer”For the purpose

  5、Philosophy:In order to“The good faith”Is the highest,Ensure the continuity and stability of product quality

Win-win cooperation:

Hengda is a platform,Hengda is a challenge,Hengda is an opportunity,If you trust in hebi hengda biological technology co., LTD,Hengda is willing to work with you to create a green future together!